How to Password protect Micromax MMX400R Wireless Router

Hey friends, today I’m going to share a simple tutorial on how to password protect Micromax MMX400R Wireless Router.

Wi-Fi is these days one of the best and common way to connect many devices to a single internet connection. Most of the smartphones these days come up with Wi-Fi hotspot feature using which users can create Wi-Fi hotspot network setup using the data pack of their smartphone.

Micromax MMX400R Wireless Router is one of the most popular wireless routers available in India and it has got lots of users already. Now users are having one single problem with this router which is they are not able to password protect Micromax MMX400R wireless router.

Password protect Micromax MMX400R Wireless Router

This is a very common problem with every user of this particular router, but I’m here with the tutorial that will guide you throughout the procedure of password protecting Micromax MMX400R wireless router.

How to Password Protect Micromax MMX400R Wireless Router

You need to follow the simple steps mentioned below in order to protect the Wi-Fi hotspot created using this wireless router.

  • First insert SIM on your Micromax MMX400R Wireless Router and then connect it to the pc/laptop using USB cable.
  • Wait till the drivers install successfully and see if your internet is connected correctly.
  • Now open any web browser installed on your system and at the top URL bar type and press enter. After that you will see ‘Welcome to Wireless LAN setup’ and just click second option ‘My Pocket Wireless Router’s Overview’ page.

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  • Next Admin login Page will open there and in the Password box just type ‘password’ in it and click ok.


  • After logging, click on the Admin Setup button in the same window then you will get Change password/Wi-Fi settings (see below screenshot). There you will see in option Wi-Fi Security type-none just change it to WPA Secure Network and below that, there is option B, “Create your Wi-Fi password. From here put your own Password and hit Submit Button.

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  • Now if you want to see that your password has been set correctly just disconnect your internet and then after reconnecting it will ask you to enter the “PASSWORD”.

So these were the steps you need to follow in order to password protect Micromax MMX400R wireless router. Also friends, please stay updated with out blog, we are going to share really cool stuffs in future and if you faced any problem with this post then please do comment and let us know about it.

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