Best Apps backup Software for Android Phones

Android smartphones and tablets are the most popular devices in the technology field these days. Recently tablet PCs started taking over the laptop and PCs and on the other hand, smartphones took over the feature mobile phones. With the increase in usage of Android smartphones and tablets there have been also increase in need for security and back up of the data. I’m here with few best apps backup software for Android phones here.

You can use any of these apps to create backup of all installed apps on your Android phone. But make sure you use a single app to do so otherwise the second app will also create backup but it will also take the storage.

Best Apps backup Software for Android Phones

Following apps are best apps backup software for Android phones and you can use any one of them,

Titanium Backup root

This one is the best backup app which is compatible with any Android phone but it comes with a major requirement i.e. your device need to be rooted otherwise this app won’t work.

Titanium Backup ★ root

It comes with all best features and you won’t find any feature missing which will help you out in keeping back of all your apps installed on Android phone.

You cannot just create back up to store on your SD card but you can also put it on either Google drive or Dropbox or Box (Cloud storage). This is where the app becomes really useful and you can also schedule the backup process which is the most useful feature.

App Backup & Restore

If you’re not aware of the rooting process or due to any reason don’t want to root your device then the best apps backup software for Android phone is this one.

Best Apps backup Software for Android Phones

It is available for free on the Google play store and it comes with all features to help you keep backup of all storage of your phone. You can also transfer apps to the SD card and you can even send backup via e-mail (automatically).

Most of the features are automatic but requires your permission. The app comes with a task manager too using which you can uninstall any app but it will give you option to either save or delete the data of that app before uninstalling.

AppMonster Free Backup Restore

Last but not the least; this is best apps backup software for Android phones which you can try. You won’t miss any feature which you need while keeping backup of apps installed on your Android phone but its UI is not as good as the above one.

AppMonster Free Backup Restore

So friends, these three were the best apps backup software for Android phones. Hope you find them working perfectly for your device.

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