5 Best Web Browser for Android phones

There is no doubt that Stock Android browser is a good web browser as many people use it as there default browser for surfing and downloading.But also it lacks some of the features which are included in other web browsers such as add-ons support,turbo mode for faster browsing,easy tab switching,its own download manager that includes pause

5 Best Antivirus for 2014

In 2013 there are many user who already have a PC or Laptop’s at their home or some have recently brought a new one.Today Every person is well know about a Virus and its defects to System. So They used security program ie. Antivirus or Virus Remover for protecting their system.Antivirus is a software used to detect and

How to Password protect Micromax MMX400R Wireless Router

Hey friends, today I’m going to share a simple tutorial on how to password protect Micromax MMX400R Wireless Router. Wi-Fi is these days one of the best and common way to connect many devices to a single internet connection. Most of the smartphones these days come up with Wi-Fi hotspot feature using which users can

Best Way to Hide Your Photos,Videos and Apps in Android

Android provides better file managing and file manager in comparison to other smartphone platforms like iOS and Windows Phone but still it don’t provide one feature which is very essential i.e. hiding files on Android. I’m here with a tutorial on best way to hide your photos, videos and apps in Android. I’m mentioning down

iPhone 5S To Go Gold: The New Features To Expect

Love it or hate it, nothing generates more hype than Apple products, especially the Smartphones – latest buzz being the soon-to-be-released Gold iPhone 5S. Just like the name suggests, it will have a gold design. This is unlike the previous versions of Apple Smartphones. For many years, Apple products have been black and white, specifically

5 Best Web Browser for iPhone,iPod touch and iPad

Apple’s default web browser Safari is a popular web browser that comes with iPhone’s iOS and is used by many users but also lacks some of the features provided in the other web browser such as faster browsing,compression data techniques to save more than 50% of data usage,adblock,MultiTouch Gestures and many more.So if you have an